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Become sustainable – clean up your organisation

There are currently two large problems within housing:

  1. Emerging from the housing crisis
  2. Lasting far beyond the crisis

Here are two simple solutions:

  1. Save significant amounts of money on utility bills
  2. Become sustainable to provide security in the future

Why focus on utilities?

Even in the most difficult times, when external factors beyond your control are squeezing your every last penny, there is one area in which you can always save, an area which you can still have control over, and that is your utility bills. Issues embedded within the current housing crisis include Brexit, universal credit, rising rents, nimbys, expensive fire-safety retrofitting, ambiguous definitions of ‘affordable housing’, and veiled budget announcements. Despite all of this, organisations can be given the breathing space they require by saving money on their energy, water, and waste, particularly if they act with sustainability in mind. These are all areas in which our experienced industry experts work to cut costs and make organisations more sustainable.

Why become sustainable?

– Reduce carbon footprint

– Comply with legislation

– Tackle fuel poverty

– Achieve long-term financial savings

– Protect vulnerable residents

– Benefits of early action outweigh costs

– Resource-efficiency

– Have a positive social Impact

– Display responsibility and innovation

– Showcase commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

How we help:

Our experienced team will construct a thorough strategy to streamline environmental practices within your organisation in order for you to reap short and long-term rewards. Firstly, our in-depth auditing process will analyse your current consumption and processes to produce a detailed and interactive carbon footprint. Our monitoring and targeting programme would then identify where improvements can be made, and prevent you from spending money on the wrong focus areas. A Sustainability Plan can then establish a bespoke set of targets, policies and initiatives to secure concrete reductions in consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. Your dedicated consultant will keep you informed with quarterly reports to further analyse and make improvements. We are also Planet Mark™ certified and have the ability to certify your organisation.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve year-on-year reductions in energy, water and waste.

We hope to see you at stand 817.

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