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We are very proud of our people who consistently receive positive feedback with appraisal from our valued customers. Your own Account Management team with thorough and efficient energy auditors, administrators and dedicated Executive Relationship Manager carry out many everyday admin tasks to save your time and keep your utilities portfolio updated with correct invoices, charges and meter reads. They enable you to keep your energy consumption and costs in control, whilst continuously looking for ways to save you even more money and claim overcharges back.

Our dedicated procurement team consists of trade experts, market analysts and bid evaluators works to produce and deliver an energy procurement strategy and framework which is realistic and optimal for your business. Our energy and water market experts have been helping our customers with their procurement since the 1980s.

With advanced trading tools and real time market data we target the right time to buy at the best possible price. Our energy traders use many analytical tools to identify the best time to buy energy, such as Candlesticks, Bollinger Band analysis and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

We formulate both short term and long term positions, taking into account the key drivers, which could affect future energy prices. By forecasting two years ahead our people can provide an outlook on third party charges and evaluate the benefit of fixing charges within a supply agreement or allowing pass-through values to be allowed. Below you see a short bio of our experienced key managers.

Peter Dosanjh

Managing Director

Having completed his education Peter commenced his work in Energy Cost Control industry in 1975. Over the next few years, Peter developed exceptionally strong skills in energy analysis, procurement, customer services and management. Based on this solid development, Peter’s vision was to move on to the next stage. During the late 80’s Peter felt that there was a strong case for a new utility consultancy to meet the needs of the evolving utility industry. Therefore, Peter founded The Monarch Partnership in 1987. With strong management, The Monarch Partnership quickly established itself as a market leader and gained an outstanding reputation for excellence. Peter introduced additional innovative services such as invoice validation and financial reporting in the late 1990’s. Under Peter’s leadership, The Monarch Partnership continues to enjoy valuable long-term relationships with its customers leading to robust yearly growth.

Don McGarrigle

B.Sc. C.Eng. MIET

Don is an Electrical Engineer by profession and has worked with companies such as John Brown Engineering, RTZ Technical Services and Castle Ltd in designing electrical power systems for Gas Turbine Power stations and implementing utility purchasing strategies. Since 1991 Don has been instrumental in developing clients’ electricity purchasing strategy which involves the purchasing of all their electricity needs from the half hour spot market, later superseded by flexible purchasing. Don has represented the views of customers on many Electricity Supply Industry working groups including, Distribution Code Review Panel, Demand Side Bidding Working Group, the Electricity Pool Longer Term Review Task Force, the Review of Electricity Trading Arrangements and Ofgem’s Demand Side Working Group. Don was the Electricity Group Chairman for a period of six years of Major Energy Users Council (MEUC). He is a regular contributor at industry conferences both in the UK and overseas. Don’s specialist subject is Flexible Contract Arrangements for both gas and electricity commodities. Don was one of the first energy purchasers in the UK to utilise these products in annual contract.

Rauf Bashir

Head of Corporate Services

Rauf began his journey at an energy consultancy in 1979, pre – de-regulation. Over a period of seven years Rauf built up vast experience of utility markets (Electric, Gas and Water) in tariff analysis and invoice validation. From 1986 to 2001 Rauf worked for various major high street retailers and gained valuable experience in energy procurement, M&T systems, utility financial reporting and budgeting for utility costs. Rauf joined The Monarch partnership in 2001 as a senior Energy Analyst. Using Rauf’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in dealing with suppliers (as both the customer and as a consultant), Rauf grown his role and is now the driving force of our commercial business with responsibility for several High Street names. He consults on energy needs, including energy procurement, bill validation, energy reporting, CRC compliance, and new connections.

Arjan Dosanjh

Commercial Director

Bikram Aujla

Sales Director

Jamie Horton

Head of Commercial Sales

Karen Barker

Head of Customer Relations

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