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What’s happening in commercial utility markets?

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Saving water in your business

5 ways to reduce your business water footprint   Why is saving water so important? The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day, be that for washing, cooking, or cleaning. Our world’s population is constantly growing and this, combined with...

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DCP228 and Friends

Keep on top of the latest energy regulation updates As you may have noticed, April has brought with it a deluge of energy regulation updates. A confusing web of acronyms with annexed numbers all struck at once, and you are forgiven for not being entirely clear on...

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Response to the Clean Growth Strategy

The response to the Clean Growth Strategy. Earlier this year The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) came good on their promise to deliver a reaction to the strategy. The main point to take from CCC’s response to the strategy is that it has some good ideas but it does...

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International Day of Forests

Promoting Sustainability with The Planet Mark™ and Cool Earth for the good of International Day of Forests Protecting the rainforest through sustainability certification As part of the International Day of Forests, we are dedicated to tackling deforestation and...

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Sustainability Newsletter 03/2018

Sustainability Newsletter – March 2017 Welcome to our special edition sustainability newsletter, focusing on all things green, renewable, and low carbon, as part of our March sustainability month. 1. Intro and services 2. Business reasons to be green 3. Planet...

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Sustainability Plans – Comply, Reap, Innovate

Why should SMEs embrace sustainability? There is a magnitude of environmental and financial benefits of companies embedding a Company Sustainability Plan within their business operations. From contributing to CO2 targets enshrined in the Climate Change Act 2008, to...

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Monarch explains: Reading your meter

It may seem fairly self-explanatory, but there’s a little bit more to reading your electric and gas meters than simply looking at them and taking a mental note of the numbers. Even if you do find it simple, it’s always worth making sure you are doing it right....

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ESOS phase 2 – the second chance

The easy route to ESOS compliance and genuine savings Following the hurried and confused first phase of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) in 2014, the scheme is back with renewed purpose, that is to help you calculate exactly how much energy you are using...

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