Smart Utilities Asset Management

Even if you manage a handful of properties or sites you will benefit from our Smart Utilities Asset Management. Understanding your gas, electricity and water portfolio – and the quality of the data – is the first step in achieving better value for money for your utilities. Unless you know how much you spend, you will miss opportunities to reduce your consumption expenses. Monitoring and maintenance of your utilities assets portfolio is a smart move and now easy with our intelligence systems.

We help you to maintain a realistic portfolio of your utilities assets with Asset Register. We take care of your site management with supplier/s to ensure your portfolio contains all of and only the meters your organisation is responsible for. We keep an accurate record of all your site data, reviewing it quarterly. We maintain the status of meter readings up-to-date, site additions and losses included. We always cross-reference all addresses against Xoserve and ECOES national databases.

Please note: We never give out your data to any external 3rd parties without your prior permission.

Find more information from our Smartly Managed Assets -leafletsmartly-managed-assets-leaflet_pdf

Value You Get


Up-to-date Asset Register with site lists and meter data


Monthly Asset Management Report


Council tax and energy charges minimised for voids


Active gas/electricity/water meters per site


Total # of meters incl. added/removed


Full control of site additions and losses

Data collection for the Asset Register
To start with we collate your historic billing information and other vital data for our in-house asset management system. We include, for example: full site addresses, meter information, supplier details, energy tariffs, billed consumption, utilities cost data, and consumption trends. We then delve deeper into your portfolio by identifying underlying information such as meter operator agreements, network capacity agreements, and UMS certificates. The continuously updated Asset Register and analysis reports form a crucial part of your Asset Management.
Site additions, losses and COT
Your site change process will be smooth when managed by us. When you acquire or dispose of a site, we inform the relevant supplier of the change or COT and ensure the changes are correctly reflected in the billing. We keep a log of all additions and removals for your preview as and when required. We handle site additions/removals and COT (change of tenancy) upon the receipt of a change form. The form includes information such as site address, meter details, addition/removal date, meter reads, previous/future occupant details, the name of the person requesting the change, proposed contract start date and a copy of the invoice relating to the site. For site additions we create a tender to ensure a co-terminus contract end date. We usually process the addition within 10 working days upon receipt of the data. All sites taken on by you will have invoices re-directed to us for after you acquire the site. We validate the invoices for site additions for accuracy and monitor the site removals to ensure you no longer receive invoices. We ensure with the energy supplier details have been logged and you will assume/dispose of responsibility according to the agreed dates. We update your Asset Register to include new site details or record site removal date. In the case of your site disposal, we aim to receive the supplier acceptance that the site has been processed and removed on the end date within 5-10 working days after form submittal. We will re-direct the bills of sold sites with fully completed COT’s to the appropriate party from that date onwards.

Council tax service and void period management

Council tax audit and validation

Our new Council Tax service, as part of our Void Property service, benefits housing associations in the following manner. When your property becomes void, we will contact the Council:

  • Arrange for the correct tax to be calculated for the void period only
  • Process the council tax invoice and validate it
  • Submit the corrected invoice to the client in an electronic format

You can then make a correct and accurate payment. We can also process other adhoc Council Tax bills and carry out the above procedures.

Void Property Management

A “void” is any property that is untenanted for a period of time. Most housing providers have a policy in place and set of procedures to manage void properties in order to ensure that loss of rental income, security and repair costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

We partner with Scottish and Southern Energy to provide void property management service to our housing association and property management customers. Once a property is vacated, property owners or housing managers upload the details of the property in question to the online portal in order to assist landlords. The sophisticated software then automatically contacts your energy supplier, arranges the termination of the domestic contract and transfers temporary ownership to you along with £15 credit to enable utilities to be supplied to the house whilst you carry out any necessary re-decorating or general repairs ahead of the new tenant taking possession.

Landlords can also use our portal to get a complete overview of all their Void Properties in management dashboard display: details of all individual properties, summary views on the percentage of a portfolio that is void, the average length of Void time and so on. Our clients agree that this portal saves them administrative time and manpower overheads, as well as allowing property managers to better understand and prioritise turnaround of void properties.

Our bespoke Void Management service with SSE includes management of debt issues, credit-key meters, to name but a few. In short, it takes care of smooth utility transition for new tenants once they occupy a void property.

Frustrated by adding new meters?
Our siteworks services help you make sense of your meters and readings. Managing your utility assets can be complicated particularly when trying to co-ordinate your building contractors, meter installers and energy suppliers. Industry jargon can make installing a new meter even more frustrating. To make it easier to you, our siteworks services cover the following areas:

  • New connections
  • Upgrade (or downgrade) a meter
  • De-energise a meter
  • Disconnect a meter
  • Re-instate supply

We also have a close partnership with Carbon Smart who specialise in conducting site survey audits, and additional site works to decrease your consumption and improve your carbon position.

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