Paying for energy you did not consume?

Did you know you might be eligible for historical cost refund? The UK statute of limitations allows for the recovery of utilities charges stretching back as far as 6 years.

We collate all the necessary information required to carry out a thorough historical audit of your past electricity/gas/water invoices. We often identify overcharges and refunds even when a client has used an energy consultant in the past. Utility invoices are complex and contain many variables difficult to analyse and validate. Energy invoices, for example, include transmission and distributions charges, capacity charges, calorific value and correction factors. Similarly water invoices can contain trade effluent, wastewater discharge and surface water drainage charges.

We perform a retrospective validation on all your previous accounts from individual suppliers. Our energy auditors have an in-depth knowledge of the all the charging methodologies used in the utilities industry. Our sophisticated system and a comprehensive set of databases allow us to forensically audit every element of your utilities invoices. We handle the entire claim process with the suppliers from communicating discrepancies through to completion. You then receive the refund for overcharged costs in full.
See also how we can stop future overcharges and incorrect invoices from affecting your business.

Credit you did not know of? Get it back

When we form your Asset Register, we will go through all your utilities data. We contact each of the suppliers for your statements of account to determine if you have credit available to you. If there is credit sitting on your account – historical or current – we request the supplier to pay that back to you.

Supplier Charges Corrected in Timely Manner

Some suppliers send the same bill to former and current customers due to their own internal billing errors, failure to bill in time or mixed up meter readings. Many factors may significantly change the costs you are required to pay when you receive a bill from your supplier. These include, for example, electricity/gas price changes, estimated or incorrect meter readings, or changes in your organisation’s consumption. If you receive an invoice you suspect to have supplier overcharges, we will raise a query with the supplier in question. As meter read accuracy is fundamental to the utility billing process, we check what meter readings have been used, estimated or the actual readings provided by a meter reader. We ask the supplier to correct the reading or grant a payment arrangement to avoid a large debt build on your account.

Value You Get


Recover overcharges going back as far as 6 years


Minimise your admin work and instead, manage costs


Audit your past utility invoices as part of Asset Register


Thorough forensic auditing of all invoices and elements


Ensure correct rates, tariffs and charges are applied


Provide analysis report of our findings to you

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