Performance Monitoring

We take performance monitoring very seriously, aiming for the highest level of service to our customers all the time. our dedicated Account Manager and our experienced Customer Service Manager will continuously measure and monitor the performance of all services we deliver to you, against our minimum service level, your organisation’s service level requirements and any KPI’s defined together. If we identify performance levels below target, we will immediately highlight them to all stakeholders including a plan of action and time frame to bring service levels back to the required standard. Further to this, we conduct a retrospective review to identify the reason for the drop in service level and determine actions for consideration to maintain service levels going forward.

Value You Get


Smart Energy Management


Cost and Consumption Controls


Optimised Performance


24/7 Online Reporting

Energy Management Reports for Real Deal

We produce over 25 energy management reports to measure cost, consumption and emissions of your individual sites, schemes and asset portfolio over any given period. Reports demonstrate your energy management performance and allow you to monitor your consumption for cost reduction and sustainability measures. Our reports with clear data presentation give you a powerful tool to help manage your energy consumption.

Data Analysis for Improved Performance

To further streamline your energy management, we work closely with half-hourly HH energy providers, Meter operators (MOPs), Data Collectors and Aggregators (DC/DA). Our cooperative work includes, for example, collecting and analysing usage to procure the most cost effective market rates, decreasing available capacity negotiating new MOP contracts with a range of providers.

Energy Spike Alerts

As part of our energy monitoring and targeting services for customer portfolios, our experts will highlight unusual spikes in your energy usage and alert you so that we can work to together to uncover the reasons, and proactively prevent future spikes at any given site you operate.

Benchmarking to Set the Right Track

Our bespoke software Monarch Matrix allows us to benchmark similar sites to yours by usage, cost, meter profile and reason for the use. Thus, we can measure patterns and trends as well as highlight your low performing sites to put plans in place to lower your utilities consumption going forward.

Trend Analysis to See the Bigger Picture

We provide you with quarterly information on trend analysis of your organisation’s portfolio, ensuring the continuity of consumption information. It also allows us to work on decreasing your organisation’s energy usage and costs over time even further.

Optimisation via Tariff Analysis

We want to ensure you achieve the most out of your current and future utility contracts. To fully understand your business needs we create your utility consumption profile, detailing your utility/energy usage, the times of day or night when your consumption is highest, and your annual expenditure. Based on your Consumption Profile we can then determine the best tariffs for your individual requirements.

Know-how to Reduce Consumption and Costs

We have created our Online Reporting system to aid you with engaging your people across your organisation and other stakeholders. Reducing consumption and costs is probably a priority for your business as it is in many organisations. The obvious benefits to you are lower costs but you can also contribute to the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving water. You get answers to important questions, such as:

  • Where is the most energy being consumed?
  • Has our consumption increased or decreased?
  • Which site or group of sites represent my biggest cost liability?
  • Are there any unusual consumption/cost trends across my portfolio?

Through our Bill Validation and other Bureau services we collect data from your utility invoices to provide you with a wide range of analyses and reports. You can use our manual and online reports to better understand and manage your utilities expenditure, budget and accruals. You can implement utility consumption reduction programmes of your own thanks to the reports.

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