Query Log and Exceptions Report

We manage all queries between the energy suppliers and your organisation to a full resolution, with as little involvement from you as possible. Our dedicated teams from the major and mid-tier suppliers dealing solely with our customers ensure speedy query resolution. The weekly Query Log highlights your payment status and exceptions that need further investigation.

We will query and log invoices, which fail our detailed validation process, detailing all the sites that have not passed. We submit the weekly exceptions report to the energy supplier(s) for investigation within 24 hours of notification. We make sure the utility supplier takes the necessary corrective actions so you only pay the correct amount.

Billing Consolidation

Struggling with a mountain of invoices? When you have multiple sites, managing your utilities portfolio can be a very tedious and time-consuming job. Especially when you have multiple suppliers sending you invoices at different times for different sites. Some of your electricity, gas and water bills come monthly, some quarterly. And they are all in different formats with complex fee structures. We work diligently with the supplier to create a billing schedule in line with your organisation’s requirements.

There are many ways we can make your multi-site management more efficient:

  • Change the billing cycle from quarterly to monthly for all bills from all suppliers
  • Streamline your rogue accounts into one monthly/quarterly billing schedule
  • Group your suppliers to preferably one per utility category with dedicated support
  • Integrate all your sites into one contract with a “co-terminus” contract end date

Credit/Debt Management

When we form your Asset Register, we will go through all supplier account numbers and other relevant references we find. We then contact the appropriate suppliers and ask for your statement of account to determine if you have outstanding debt (or credit) on your utility invoices / accounts. Occasionally, a supplier may not allocate your payments correctly or an invoice payment is missing. If you owe a supplier, we will get the correct invoice for you so you can pay it.

Correct Payment Allocations

Supplier misallocation of payments is a significant problem for our customers with multi-site portfolios. Our Payment Allocation and Debt Management services ensure all your payments are allocated correctly by the suppliers. Our industry leading cost management and invoice validation reports act as a remittance for you to allocate payments accurately. We eliminate timely and costly misallocations, which may accrue a debt position to you.

Value You Get


Query Management


Payment Allocation


Debt Management


Billing Consolidation


Continuous Reporting

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