* Measure: Metering Solutions for exact data
* Collect: Accurate and Timely Data
* Analyse: Continuous Monitoring
* Save: Energy Management Services


* Energy Management Strategy
* Efficiency Savings
* Carbon Smart Certification
* Energy Investigation
* Renewable Energy Review
* Behaviour change/employee engagement


* Fuel Poverty Master Classes for business and executive teams
* Fuel Poverty Workshops for residents
* Training for Housing Managers


We provide various additional services together with our valued partners: Sustainable Homes, Stark, and Carbon Smart.


* Market Intelligence
* Payment System Integration
* Meter Reading Management
* Void Property Management with SSE

The Difference is the Detail

Monarch has a close partnership with energy data provider Stark. They specialise in data collection, reporting and analysis metering services with expertise in P272 requirements, and energy analytics and bureau services all with a focus on driving energy and financial savings for customers. Together with Stark we give you tight control over your data: to access anytime, download and use for pfor planning, monitoring and analysis and reporting.

Stark delivers four key services, which you can get via us:

  • Measure: Metering Solutions for exact data
  • Collect: Accurate and Timely Data for Energy Management
  • Analyse: Continuous Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Save: Energy Data Management Services

Measure – Robust Metering to Deliver Exact Data

Stark’s metering solutions cover all utilities and arrangements, including; fiscal metering, sub-metering, data logging, generation metering, and meter adoption. To achieve this, Stark works with all the major meter, data logger and sensor manufacturers (see Stark’s list of manufacturers).

Collect – Timely and Accurate Energy Data

Timely and accurate data is fundamental to any energy management activity, whether you are monitoring consumption, buying energy, satisfying legislation or seeking the benefits of an accurate bill. Stark collects and validates almost 11% of the UK’s electricity data, processing over 300 million data points every month. Stark provides top performing, independent data collection services to improve your energy management programmes.

Stark is an Elexon accredited Data Collector and Data Aggregator for the Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Electricity markets, as well as an Ofgem registered gas meter reader under ESTA’s ASPCoP guidelines. In 2010, Stark became the only accredited UK operator to collect near real time data from all meter types, including fiscal metering, providing unprecedented data visibility from the largest consuming sites with the greatest risk. They have unique experience in upgrading large portfolios of meters from Non Half Hourly to Half Hourly Settlement, all while keeping disruption to a minimum (P272). See for further details on Stark’s Data Collection services.

Analyse – Continuous Performance Monitoring to Save Energy

Stark and Monarch help you identify cost saving opportunities by closely monitoring your energy consumption. Stark’s superior reporting platform, SavenergyOnline®, provides an instant and complete view of energy consumption across your organisation.

Through automatic exception reporting with site-specific exception parameters, Stark’s SavenergyOnline® enables you to implement a programme of continuous performance monitoring right across your organisation. You get multi-site comparison reports to rank the energy performance of the buildings in your portfolio and can publish individual site-comparison reports for all building users.

The extensive reporting features within SavenergyOnline® enable you to identify energy waste and cost saving opportunities to create positive change in your organisation’s energy usage in three clicks.Visit for more details.

Save – Energy Data Management Services

Stark Energy Analysts help you maximise the potential of your collected and analysed energy data. Together with Monarch services, we enable you to make sense of complex data, generate savings for your organisation/business, secure energy efficiency investments and free your resources to focus on your core business.

Stark’s Rapid Data Review (RDRs) is a report that ranks your multi-site portfolio on their energy performance during unoccupied hours. You get in-depth analysis of the poorest performing sites using granular energy data to pinpoint when energy is being wasted and an estimation of the potential savings available from fine tuning the worst 10% of your sites or correcting your whole portfolio. Typically, an RDR uncovers savings of 5-8% of total energy consumption by identifying unnecessary consumption during unoccupied periods, with some sites demonstrating potential savings of 60%.

Read more about energy savings Stark can help you achieve at

Value You Get


Timely and accurate energy consumption data


Spot energy savings


Monitor waste


Meet legislative requirements

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