* Measure: Metering Solutions for exact data
* Collect: Accurate and Timely Data
* Analyse: Continuous Monitoring
* Save: Energy Management Services


* Energy Management Strategy
* Efficiency Savings
* Carbon Smart Certification
* Energy Investigation
* Renewable Energy Review
* Behaviour change/employee engagement


* Fuel Poverty Master Classes for business and executive teams
* Fuel Poverty Workshops for residents
* Training for Housing Managers


We provide various additional services together with our valued partners: Sustainable Homes, Stark, and Carbon Smart.


* Market Intelligence
* Payment System Integration
* Meter Reading Management
* Void Property Management with SSE

Little Known Ways to Make your Utilities Even More Intelligent

Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we want to tailor our services to truly suit your and your business needs. You get our value-added services as an integrated solution with our core services. From customised payments reports and hassle-free void property management to metering management and smart meters, our tailored services will complete your utilities management with intelligence.

Value You Get


Payment System Integration


Market Intelligence


Void Property Management


Meter Reading Management


Smart Meter Project Management

Regular Payment Reports to Your Own System

Our clients use a range of accounting software including Sage, SUN, SAP, ORACLE and Northgate, to name but a few. The regular payment reports we provide can be automatically uploaded into any finance / accounting system. They can be customised to meet any needs you have, e.g. showing scheme, cost and supplier codes. We can also create payment reports with parent-child relationships identifying unique, multiple percentage splits for each utility or utility account. All utility suppliers accept our payment reports as remittance so that payments on group accounts can be allocated correctly against each invoice.


Market Intelligence

Our Market Experts and Analysts continuously monitor the wholesale energy markets and price drivers by using specialist systems such as Thomson Reuters Eikon and Point Carbon. Since energy prices are affected by a wide range of factors, we track many key commodities, equities and energy indices including the following: coal, oil, LPG, exchange rates, interest rates, weather forecasts, gas storage levels, instantaneous gas flows, gas demand, spark/dark spread, generation capacity, gas and power system outages and maintenance programs. By understanding historical trends, current price drivers and real-time data we analyse wholesale energy markets to identify opportunities to purchase energy at best value at the right time. You can be assured, regardless of your procurement option, that all decisions we make are thoroughly analysed and justified thanks to our Market Intelligence team. If you need access to analysed real-time market information we can to provide you up-to-date reports which cover the UK and EU gas, electricity, oil and carbon markets. We provide the reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and we can customise them to include extra commodities. See and download an example of a Monarch Midday Report 20160119 we provide to our customers.

Manage Your Void Properties Quickly Online

A “void” is any property that is untenanted for a period of time. Most housing providers have a policy in place and set of procedures to manage void properties in order to ensure that loss of rental income, security and repair costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We partner with Scottish and Southern Energy to provide void property management service to our housing association and property management customers. Once a property is vacated,  property owners upload the details of the property in question to the online portal in order to assist landlords. The sophisticated software then automatically contacts your energy supplier, arranges the termination of the domestic contract and transfers temporary ownership to you along with £15 credit to enable utilities to be supplied to the house whilst you carry out any necessary re-decorating or general repairs ahead of the new tenant taking possession. Landlords can also use our portal to get a complete overview of all their Void Properties in management dashboard display: details of all individual properties, summary views on the percentage of a portfolio that is void, the average length of Void time and so on. Our clients agree that this portal saves them administrative time and manpower overheads, as well as allowing property managers to better understand and prioritise turnaround of void properties. Our bespoke Void Management service with SSE includes management of debt issues, credit-key meters, to name but a few. In short, it takes care of smooth utility transition for new tenants once they occupy a void property.

Meter Reading Management for Correct Bills

Legislation requires at least one meter be physically read every two years, as reliance on “estimated” bills leads to false energy use assumptions and inaccurate bills. To avoid unnecessary over-payment or billing errors from your energy suppliers, our online portal stores your meter readings. The more reads you can send to us, i.e. upload via the portal, the more accurate your bills will be. You can also upload photographs (ideally date stamped) of the meters onto our portal. We then use the up-to-date meter readings to:


  • Clarify and correct the energy use of a particular meter
  • Share with your energy supplier to support conversations regarding billing discrepancies
  • Our online service also converts the data feeds from half-hourly meters into easy to understand information that you can view on any computer with web access.

Our reports with clear data presentation give you a powerful tool to help manage your energy consumption and costs.

Smart Meters – Effortless and Always Accurate Meter Readings

You can get a more accurate and simple solution for meter reading management by fitting AMR meters, i.e. Smart Meters. They use mobile phone technology to automatically send meter reading information to the energy supplier in question. Then you do not need to worry about the collecting or using estimated readings. Instead, you gain significant cost reductions, improved quality of data and accurate data for budgeting and energy consumption management. We can arrange the fitting of AMR meters and manage the whole project for you.

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